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Donna Cleary is in a recent exhibition entitled True Love Is Fleeting. Cleary's exhibited work focuses on the time in a relationship when love is no longer the focus, and possibly no longer present. Her use of faceless subjects allows the viewer to focus on the body chemistry between the models. The emotions of each character seems even more present with the absence of facial reactions. The tension in each pose and each muscle is obvious and articulated with ease.

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Thanks to artist Inges Idée,  Düsseldorf, Germany is now known as the home of the first blinged 
out parking garage. For the 2004 installation, giant sized jewelery was worked through and around
the karlsplatz garage. A total of ten individual pieces were created and threaded onto the garage’s
perforated façade, transforming it into a giant jewelry display case. 

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Charlotte rampling
Michel Comte's retrospective exhibition will run from Feb. 1 to May 10th at Kultur Und Wirtchaft, Düsseldorf. This self taught Swiss photographer has received world fame and a series of awards. Although in recent years he has decided to focus on journalistic and documentary photography, his real fame came from his work from shooting portraits and celebrities. He has shot portraits of celebrities from the world of music, art, and entertainment including: Naomi Campbell, Mike Tyson, and Carla Bruni. His portraits unarm the viewer and there is a unique intimacy created between the viewer and the subject in each composed shot.

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Painter Robin Williams, no, not the actor, is making a name for herself in the New York art scene.

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Milan based painter Valerio Carrubba Dali inspired paintings use hyperrealism to create a world of horror and allure.  Carrubba brilliantly presents a visual assault on the eyes with disturbing and sexy imagery.  Definitely an artist  that is being sought out by serious collectors and is being added to serious collections.

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Photographer Kevin Tachman won First Place in Billboard and PDN's Summer Music Moment photo contest. You may remember I posted the photo of the Scissor Sisters performing at the annual Top Of The Mountain show at the Silvretta Arena Ischgl-Samnaun in Ischgl, Austria, in April 2007.

Creating one of the worlds most iconic images can't be an easy task. Shepard Fairey talks with the Los Angeles Times about his inspiration behind the image and why he felt the need to get involved in this election. Not bad for a RISD grad.